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During 2018 we were using the services of Wamba Safaris for 2 trips to Uganda. 
We went to Uganda in April/May and in October 2018 again. After giving 2 weeks of training to develop education together with colleagues on a vocational institute in Kamuli, for the Dutch organisation called Edukans, we had the time to enjoy the beautiful country Uganda.

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
Birgit and Harrynb Neatherland

This is highly professional outfit.
Well organised, reliable and well equiped
William led us on a fabulous adventure around the country.
Gorillas, Chimpamzees, Elephants, Lions, Lepoards, Buffalo and a multitude of fantasic birds - we saw them all.
These boys are the best.

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
Mike T UK

Such a great experience we had in Uganda!
We went for a 10 day safari with William as our guide and our holiday was absolutely unforgettable.
We are a quite well traveled couple but William touched our hearts.
We were close to countless animals including a whole gorilla family.
Wamba Safaris are a very professional outfit, with good equipment and a bundle of experience.
It was a very special 10 days. Thank you so much! 
Beata & Mike from London

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
Beata & Mike UK

Wamba Safaris organized a great great tour for us around Uganda. We visited lake Mburo, Bwindi National Park(and did the gorilla trekking!!), the chimps.. and so many other places on the way!. The whole tour was very well taking care of, our guide William was amazing and always taking care of us... all and all I would really recommend the experience. They are a new company so they are giving their best to make the tours the best experience it can be :)

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
LG Denmark

We did the 5 days gorilla and chimp trekking and we really enjoy it. They took care of everything perfectly and brought us even to places that weren’t in the itinerary which made our trip even better. Really recommended!!

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
AB Denmark

The Wamba Team (William and Immanuel) took good care of us during the 3 days Safari to Murchison's Falls in Uganda. The communication prior to the trip was great and prompt. Immanuel followed up by email and call and explained everything in detail to us already prior to the booking.
The car was in time at the hotel and we got another briefing about the safari and different points of interest.

Enchanting Travels Guest Carol Larimore
Saula and Jens UAE

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